• Manage, record, and view electric and utility outages
  • Integrates with utility billing systems such as the Cogsdale CSM
  • Can be integrated with an IVR/phone system to accept outages autonomously
  • Works on desktop browsers or tablets. Native iPhone app integration available
  • Built-in outage reports, bulletin board view for dispatch center, corporate portal summary

Simple Entry & Management

Whether it’s a Utility Outage, MDM Alarm, 911 Alert, or any other issues that needs to be mapped and managed; uMap provides simple entry and management tools. Outages can be manually entered by location based search or the simple dropping of a pin. Outages can also be entered automatically via any system with a backend database such as MDM or an IVR/phone system. Outages can be viewed and managed individually or in groups. Outages can be viewed and managed individually or in groups and can be filtered by type, date or status.

Quick & Easy Reports

uMap provides quick and easy reporting of your data. Though the default mapping interface can provide a visual representation of outages, uMap’s reporting system will provide you with tools to quickly and efficiently query your data and reliability statistics. You can either print or export your data as PDF or Excel spreadsheet. Outage data can be displayed on a bulletin board app within a call or dispatch center as well as displayed on your corporate portal.

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